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Blaine Bloomgren

Blaine BloomgrenForestry Pioneer

Blaine was born on a dairy farm in Minnesota, where he grew up learning what it meant to work long hours and be dependable. He attended a one room elementary school and graduated from the area high school. At the age of 17, Blaine enlisted in the US Navy. In 1948, Blaine found a summer job at the USFS in Troy, Montana. His plan was to only stay three months and return in the fall to attend the University of Minnesota. But Blaine ended up staying in Montana for the next 67 years. (The most compelling reason was meeting a young lady named Ellen, with whom he just celebrated his 65th wedding anniversary.) Blaine began a gratifying career in Montana in the forest industry, where he worked for 45 years with J. Neils Lumber, which merged into St. Regis Paper Company, and sold to Champion International.

Blaine attributes his success in the timber industry to Mark Schoknecht and George Heils, both excellent coaches and mentors. Blaine was the director and past president of the Inland Empire Logging Conference, a member of the Kootenai Forest Advisory Board, Chairman of the Inland Empire Logging Forest Resource Council Roads Committee, and a member of the Inland Forest Resource Contractor Committee. He also served on the National Forest Products Association Roads and Timber Purchaser’s Committee, he was Chairman of the Northern Montana Fire Protection Association, and served on various western wood products and NFPA committees.


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