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Bill Schultz

Forestry Pioneer

Bill Schultz graduated from the University of Montana and began his career with DNRC in 1979 as a forest hydrologist. For the next 25 years, he helped develop the hydrology and watershed modeling programs and processes for the Trust Lands Forest Management Division (TLMD), which has been emulated by several other states. He was critical in establishing best management practices (BMP) for TLMD timber sales, ensuring that naturally-occurring water quality and quantity issues were separated from management-induced impacts, and helped ensure the viability of both watersheds and the forest management program. He was methodical and detailed in his hydrology/watershed analyses for individual timber sale projects throughout his tenure as hydrologist.

Bill was also instrumental in the development of forestry BMPs for the adoption of formal BMPs and development of a monitoring process for the state of Montana in 1989, and passage of the BMP notification law that same year. He was also integral in the passage of and development of administrative rules for the Streamside Management Zone (SMZ) law passed in 1991, and helped with audit teams for several years after. 

Bill was ultimately promoted to the Supervisor of the Forest Management Section, and worked in that capacity for several years prior to moving to Water Resources Division to manage the Missoula Regional Office for five years. He then moved on to become the administrator of the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission, and was instrumental in bringing the CSKT compact before the 2013 legislature.  Although it failed in that attempt, the groundwork and dialogue with legislators and the administration helped facilitate its ultimate success during the 2015 legislative session.

Bill retired in 2013, and enjoys cycling, hiking, hunting, skiing, volunteer trail work and trail access advocacy, and spending time with his kids and new grandson.


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