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Urban Forestry Personnel


Personnel includes a statewide coordinator and four regional urban forestry specialists.

The coordinator is responsible for the overall management of the program including grants administration, advisory council (MUCFA) recruitment and coordination; professional training.

The regional urban forestry specialists directly assist communities with technical training (ex: tree care, planting, and pruning workshops; tree inventories; ordinance and management plan drafting; and volunteer coordination).

If you would like assistance with your local urban forestry program, please contact the personnel listed below.

Coordinator's Office
State Coordinator - Jamie Kirby (406)542-4288
Southern Region
Urban Forester - Lydia Heser
Southwest Region
Urban Forester - Jamie Kirby (406)542-4288
Northeast Region
Urban Forester - Josh Stoychoff (406)535-1903
Northwest Region
Urban Forester - (406)751-2270
Eastern Region
Urban Forester - (406)232-2034