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Montana School ReLeaf Project

Hawthorne Elementry Playground Bur Oak

The Montana School ReLeaf Project has three primary goals: to increase awareness of urban forestry in Montana schools; to certify schools that support sustainable urban "greenscapes" on school grounds; and to teach students to be good stewards of the land.

After a school has been recognized as a ReLeaf School for one year, the school is eligible to apply for a $200 grant to use for purchase of educational materials, a learning activity, or a tree planting. Download your 2016 grant application under the Application Support in the right column of this page.

Participation Requirements

Schools must meet 3 standards to gain status as a ReLeaf School:

Perform an educational activity to raise awareness about trees and their role in our local environments

  • Utilize existing tree-base curriculum
  • Project-based experiences - involve guest speakers, community service, field trip, etc.

Adopt a basic tree plan for school grounds

leaf Once created the plan may remain intact and unchanged, or be reviewed/updated annually

Celebrate Arbor Day

  • Recognize Arbor Day in Montana through a tree planting, ceremony, or school event.

DNRC ReLeaf Program Overview and Guidelines

Curriculum SupportCirriculum

  • Project Learning Tree Curriculum - Award-winning curriculum resources have helped over half a million educators teach complex environmental issues.
  • Montana Project Learning Tree - Montana specific programs and contacts for the Project Learning Tree program.
  • Nature Explore - Offers field-tested components that support children's interests and creativity to support your important efforts to connect children with nature.
  • Treetures - Whimsical illustrated creatures guide children through discovery activities that are developmentally appropriate and scientifically accurate.
  • A Forest For Every Classroom - A dynamic professional development program for educators focused on place-based approaches to education.

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