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2010 State Assessment of Forest Resources and Forest Action Plan



In 2007, the USDA Forest Service assembled a State & Private Forestry (S&PF) Redesign Board to examine current trends affecting trees and forests and to define the most effective role that state governments could play in sustaining benefits from forests. This new approach is intended to shape and influence forest land use on a scale and in a way that optimizes public benefits from trees and forests for now and in the future.

Montana State Assessment of Forest Resources

States receiving assistance from Forest Service S&PF programs were asked to assess and prioritize the most important issues facing state and private forests. The resulting Montana State Assessment of Forest Resources (SAFR) identified the following five priority issues:

  • Forest biodiversity and resilient forests
  • Wildfire and public safety
  • Forest products and biomass utilization
  • Sustainable urban forest landscapes
  • Changing forest ownership patterns


Weighting methods and metadata are described in the SAFR Appendices.

Montana’s Forest Action Plan

After completing the Montana State Assessment the next step was the development of a response strategy to guide program delivery based on the five priority areas. This strategy, called the Montana Forest Action Plan, defines goals and objectives for the Forestry Assistance Bureau’s service areas and programs and sets targets for implementation. The first edition of the Forest Action Plan was developed in 2010. In May 2017, the DNRC forestry assistance team completed the second edition.

Contact the Forestry Assistance Bureau Chief at (406) 542-4300 for more information on the State Assessment, Forest Action Plan, and program implementation.

Montana Forest Action Plan, Printable on single 8 1/2" x 11" sheets

Montana Forest Action Plan, Printable Booklet on 11" x 17" sheets