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Educational Resources

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All Montanans are affected by the health of our forests. Engaged landowners are a crucial part of stewarding Montana's forests toward a healthy future. To learn more about forest stewardship educational opportunities, please see the resources listed below:    

Restoring Forest Landscapes

  • DNRC Service Foresters are technical experts available statewide to answer questions, provide guidance, and help forest landowners achieve their forest goals.
  • The Montana DNRC supports Montana State University - Forestry Extension to provide forest stewardship planning workshops around the state each year. During these workshops, landowners learn how their forest functions, define long-term stewardship goals and objectives, and create a stewardship plan to help guide their activities.
  • Montana's Forest Practice regulations exist to protect our natural resources for all to enjoy. Best Management Practices provide guidance on how to minimize water pollution from occurring during forest management activities. 
  • Women in the Woods workshops provide female forest landowners the opportunity to learn how to actively manage their forest land to improve forest health.


Managing Wildfire Risk


Supporting Conservation Education




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