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Forest Stewardship


The stewardship program provides private forest owners with technical and financial assistance to plan and implement long-term stewardship or management goals on their property.

Resources for landowners:

Service Foresters

SFThe DNRC employees 16 service foresters around the state who are available for free one-on-one consultations with landowners. Service foresters can help you:

  • Develop a forest stewardship or management plan
  • Understand and comply with forest practices laws and rules
  • Identify insects and disease on your forested property and make treatment recommendations
  • Advise you on forest fire prevention and defensible space
  • Connect you with cost-share assistance to complete your stewardship objectives
  • Assist you in planning and completing a timber sale
  • Help you market your timber and non-timber forest products

Forest Stewardship Workshops

The DNRC contracts Montana State University Extension Forestry to deliver 3 to 4 stewardship planning workshops around the state each year. In these workshops, landowners learn how their forest functions, define long-term stewardship goals and objectives, and create a stewardship plan to help guide their activities.


Cost-share Programs for Wildfire Fuels Reduction and Stewardship

The DNRC awards grants for fuels reduction and stewardship programs to partners around the state. These partners – including conservation districts, fire departments, and conservation non-profit groups – work with individual landowners to develop and fund cost-share projects. To find out if there is an active program in your area, contact your service forester or the Stewardship Specialist, at (406) 542-4303.


Tree FarmThe DNRC can connect you with organizations that help promote the interests of forest landowners and provide further resources. These include:

For more information on the resources provided by the DNRC’s Stewardship Program, please contact the Program Manager, , at (406) 542-4221.

Landowner Engagement

The DNRC has recently launched an effort to reach landowners who are passionate about stewardship but unaware of the resources available to help them make their sustainable management goals a reality.

Golden Crown Stewardship Initiative (GCSI)

Located where the Crown of the Continent and the Golden Triangle adjoin along Montana’s southern Rocky Mountain Front in Cascade and northern Lewis and Clark Counties, the Golden Crown Stewardship Initiative (GCSI) is a partnership between the American Forest Foundation (AFF) and the DNRC. It was launched in response to a 2015 report by AFF which found that Montana ranks second only to California in area of private forest land which is critical to public water supply and also at high risk of severe impacts from wildland fire.

Read more about the Golden Crown Stewardship Initiative:

Article: Supporting Montana DNRC in its Growing Landowner Outreach

Yearly Update: 2018 GCSI Progress Report

Coming soon...the Kootenai Forest Restoration Initiative

Resources for Educators

The Conservation Education Program is part of the Consolidated Payments Grant awarded to the Montana DNRC annually by the US Forest Service State and Private Forestry. The intent of Conservation Education funds is to provide program assistance and outreach efforts to children (pre-K through 12th grade) and their educators in both classroom and informal settings.

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