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Forest Stewardship


The stewardship program provides private forest owners with technical and financial assistance to plan and implement long-term stewardship or management goals on their property.

Resources for landowners:

Service Foresters

SFThe DNRC employees 16 service foresters around the state who are available for free one-on-one consultations with landowners. Service foresters can help you:

  • Develop a forest stewardship or management plan
  • Understand and comply with forest practices laws and rules
  • Identify insects and disease on your forested property and make treatment recommendations
  • Advise you on forest fire prevention and defensible space
  • Connect you with cost-share assistance to complete your stewardship objectives
  • Assist you in planning and completing a timber sale
  • Help you market your timber and non-timber forest products

Forest Stewardship Workshops

The DNRC contracts Montana State University Extension Forestry to deliver 3 to 4 stewardship planning workshops around the state each year. In these workshops, landowners learn how their forest functions, define long-term stewardship goals and objectives, and create a stewardship plan to help guide their activities.


Cost-share Programs for Wildfire Fuels Reduction and Stewardship

The DNRC awards grants for fuels reduction and stewardship programs to partners around the state. These partners – including conservation districts, fire departments, and conservation non-profit groups – work with individual landowners to develop and fund cost-share projects. To find out if there is an active program in your area, contact your service forester or the Stewardship Specialist, at (406) 542-4303.


Tree FarmThe DNRC can connect you with organizations that help promote the interests of forest landowners and provide further resources. These include:

For more information on the resources provided by the DNRC’s Stewardship Program, please contact the Program Manager, , at (406) 542-4221.