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Priority Landscapes

Priority Landscapes

Governor Steve Bullock submitted his proposed priority landscapes for Montana pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill. There are areas designated within all seven national forests in Montana where there are significant threats to forest and watershed health as well as threats to public safety or loss of critical infrastructure due to catastrophic wildfires.

Landscapes were identified with input from the conservation community, several forest collaborative groups, and federal and state land managers.

The below maps portray the priority landscapes designated areas statewide and by Forest.


Priority_statewide.jpg Priority_beaverhead-deerlodge.jpg Priority_bitterroot.jpg
Statewide Priority Landscapes

Beaverhead and Deerlodge
National Forests

Bitteroot National Forest
Priority_custer-gallatin.jpg Priority_flathead.jpg Priority_helena-lewis-and-clark.jpg
Custer and Gallatin National Forests Flathead National Forest Helena - Lewis and Clark
National Forests
Priority_kootenai.jpg Priority_lolo.jpg
Kootenai National Forest Lolo National Forest

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