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Collaboration and Partnerships


Montana's forest restoration challenges require collaboration and partnerships from a diverse array of stakeholders.

The challenges facing Montana regarding forest management, restoration and wildfire risk reduction require a thoughtful approach with input from a variety of partners and stakeholders. Through the Forests in Focus Initiative, assistance will be provided to collaborative groups engaged in federal forest management to facilitate better processes that expedite worthy projects.

Not simply a requirement of the Farm Bill, collaborative planning and decision-making for projects on public lands is the desired manner in which to identify, develop and implement projects. Sharing perspectives and the willingness to work together to create the best projects has many benefits, not the least of which is the enduring impacts for Montana's future forest conditions.


The Forests in Focus Initiative encourages all Montanans to learn more about the challenges we face in Montana related to forest management, including:

  • Forest insects and disease;
  • Climate Change;
  • Wildfire risk;
  • Sustainable timber supply;
  • Retaining an integrated forest industry and milling infrastructure;
  • Management of millions of acres of national forests; and
  • Effective collaboration to develop great forest management actions.

Let's work together to create the brightest future for Montana's forests.

Local Government Engagement

Summit-SLC-Kalispell Tour 060c.jpgThe DNRC is working with local governments to assist them as they engage with the Forest Service on Federal Forest Management  issues that affect their cities, towns and counties.  Insects, disease and heavy fuels on federal lands adjacent to communities, critical infrastructure or municipal watersheds are very real risks for local governments, volunteer fire fighters and local communities.  The DNRC is working alongside local governments to support their effective engagement with their federal partners.

The 2015 legislator passed HB 510 "AN ACT FACILITATING IMPROVED LAND AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ON PUBLIC LANDS IN MONTANA TO AID LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN REDUCING WILDFIRE RISK AND IMPROVING FOREST HEALTH ON FEDERAL LANDS." This Bill was signed into law by Governor Steve Bullock and the position of Local Government of Forest Advisor was created.   The Local Government Forest Advisor works in the Forestry Assistance Bureau at the DNRC and is part of the Forests in Focus Team.  The Local Government Forest Advisor assists local governments in collaborating with the Forest Service to promote the public health, safety and welfare of their constituents.

For more information on the DNRC's work with local governments on Federal Forest Management contact;

Matt Arno

Local Government Forest Advisor

(406) 542-4239


Summit-SLC-Kalispell Tour 040c.jpg

On October 19th and 20th the DNRC, with the support of the National Forest Foundation, Forested Counties Coalition and United States Forest Service hosted the Montana Counties Forest Summit.  The goal of the workshop was to provide background on federal forest management and policies to assist County Commissioners as they engage in U.S. Forest Service projects in Montana.

Presentation summaries and  power point presentations from the Summit

Summit notes from panelists and guest speakers

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