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Red Leaves

See the current Inventory & Price List for seedling sources and availability.

Further seed source info and scientific names are available by contacting the nursery.

Please visit the catalog pages for photos and species description details.

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Many of our species are produced from MITOSIS seed. MITOSIS is the Montana Interagency Tree and Shrub Improvement Study. The study was a cooperative effort to evaluate the performance of various species of plants in established Montana plantings. The selected plantings were evaluated for over ten years and the best performing plants were selected for seed orchard establishment at the nursery.

We use this seed source whenever possible. These selections perform well in many of Eastern Montana's variable and harsh climates. Although these plants have not been tested in every environment, MITOSIS selections are some of the best plant materials available for use in Montana. The selections are proven to survive in Montana because they were evaluated in Montana not other Northern Great Plains states.

Average Seedling Height By Age: 1 year old


2 years old 12-22"
3 years old 16-26"

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