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DNRC Headquarters
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Grants and Financial Assistance


Mass Timber Conference Travel Stipend

In the interest of advancing the use, knowledge and skill-base of Montana professionals to design and construct with mass timber and advanced wood products, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is offering $500 travel stipends for individuals and businesses to attend the Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon March 20-22, 2018.

Applications are due to Tom Perry at no later than 5pm on February 20th, 2018.

Biomass Energy Pre-Feasibility Assessment (PFA) Grants

Eligible Applicants: public schools and institutions, non-profit and tribal facilities, and private businesses
Eligible Activities: hire firm to conduct pre-feasibility assessment for a wood biomass energy system
Award Available: $3,500
Submission Deadline: Open application period

Grant Application

The Montana DNRC pre-screens PFA applications to determine the potential likelihood of economic viability of a woody biomass installation and whether it warrants further assessment by a professional firm. Factors included in the pre-screening include:

  • Facility  has high heat and/or hot water demand
  • Facility has relatively high heating costs
  • The estimated cost/btu of wood fuel is less than the current cost of fossil fuel/btu
  • Facility has an existing centralized system (steam/hydroponic) heat distribution system
  • The current boiler is old and due for replacement
  • Facility is in proximity to a wood fuel source at a reasonable delivered cost
  • There is space on site for a biomass boiler, fuel storage, and access for delivery trucks
  • Installation is proposed for new facility construction.

In some cases, stand-alone facilities may not meet the pre-screening criteria. However, if additional facilities nearby are included, economies of scale can tip the balance toward feasibility. The Montana Wood Energy Heat Map (currently under development) will provide this information for potential applicants considering co-locating facilities. Check back in 2017 for this new tool!

Additional Resources


The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency provides an updated online listing of current programs that are available for a variety of renewable energy projects. These include grant and loan programs, tax incentives and credits, and industry recruitment and support.

In Montana

Federal Financing Opportunities - coming soon!

Contact program staff or your local economic development office about additional financing options.  


For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .