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Forest Products Industry Week 2021

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When is Montana Forest Products Industry Week this year?

Montana Forest Products Industry Week is October 17th-23rd 2021.

What is Montana Forest Products Industry Week?

Montana Forest Products Industry Week was established by a joint resolution of the 62nd Montana Legislature. The resolution declared that the observance of an annual Montana Forest Products Industry Week is timely and necessary. All people are encouraged to observe Montana Forest Products Industry Week.

Interested in Hosting an Event? We can help!

Independent events can be a great way to participate in Montana Forest Products Industry Week. The DNRC can fund Walk-in the Woods and Timber Tours ($500/event maximum award). Funding awards are competitive and applicants must complete the Forest Products Week Event Grant RFP.

DNRC Service Foresters can help coordinate field trips for Walk in the Woods and Timber Tours. Reach out to your local service forester for information on this service.

If you are looking for event ideas please see the below resources.  


Made in Montana Proud! A grass-roots social media campaign

Do you produce wood products? Is your business built with Montana wood? Are Montana wood products a part of your product line? If you answered yes, we encourage you to recognize Forest Products Industry Week through our grass roots social media campaign. Participation is easy! Simply post a picture to your social media accounts featuring your business/ staff, or products and the sign pictured below, or your own shout out  (DOWNLOAD AS PDF HERE) . use hashtags #MTwood and #forestproductsweek #forestproud


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For more information, contact DNRC Forest Products  Program byor call (406) 542-4210.     DNRC Facebook   Twitter