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Buy Montana Wood


Montana mills and wood product businesses produce a number of quality products including framing and dimensional lumber, particle board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, engineered wood products, trusses, log homes, paneling, siding, custom mill work and trim, flooring, window frames, fine and rustic furniture, pre-fab structures, posts and poles, fencing, decking, stakes, signs, rough-cut, beams, wood pellets, firewood, biomass fuel, animal bedding, compost and landscaping products, erosion control, biochemicals, sporting goods, artisan crafts, and a number of specialty and custom products including salvaged and urban tree wood products.   

Find Montana Wood

A comprehensive directory of Montana wood producers is currently in development, and anticipated to be complete by Fall 2015.  In the meantime, the following are good resources:

Listing of Montana Wood Manufacturers, MT Manufacturers Information System

Made in Montana Wood Products, Department of Commerce

Choose Wood

Wood is a renewable and responsible choice that offers advantages in material, construction and environmental benefits. 

For Building Construction

WoodWorks  Resources, education and free technical support for the design and construction of non-residential buildings.


For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .

Montana Forest Action Plan