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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Forest Products and Biomass


The Forest Products and Biomass Program provides information and financial assistance to promote forest product and biomass market and business development in Montana.   

Montana’s forest economy is comprised of timber and non-timber forest products and services, a sustainable resource base, manufacturers, and a skilled workforce that provide social, economic and ecological value.  Diverse and robust forest markets and industry infrastructure in Montana are essential to managing and retaining our forest land base for multiple products and values.  

Services and functions:

  • Grants to advance wood and biomass utilization
  • Technical and financial assistance to develop wood energy
  • Enhance awareness of Montana forest products and the benefits of sourcing Montana wood
  • Information hub and clearinghouse        

Wood Energy Program

ChipsThe DNRC Wood Energy Program provides technical and financial assistance to the development of wood biomas energy in Montana.  Find out if wood energy will work for you. 

Forest Product Initiatives and Resources

Forests in Focus Initiative: Forest Restoration and Industry Retention

Montana Forest Products Roundtable

Montana Forest Products Week (October)

Montana Forest Industry Research, UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research


For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .