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Forest Products | Wood Energy | Biomass

Restoration Harvest, Potomac MT

The Forest Products and Biomass Program supports market and business developments and innovations for forest products, biomass, and wood energy in Montana. A robust and diverse forest products industry is the gateway to healthy forested landscapes; it is essential to managing and retaining our forest land base for multiple values.This program provides technical and financial assistance, and information and outreach to promote the use of all of Montana's forest products. The more Montana wood we use, the more acres of critically impaired Montana forestland we restore.  

2020 International Mass Timber Conference Travel Stipend Application (CLICK HERE)

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Provided Services and Functions Include:

Technical and Financial Assistance to Support:

             Marketing, Development and Innovation of Montana Wood Products

             Renewable Wood Energy Development Projects

             Increased and Enhanced Biomass Utilization

Promotion, Outreach and Information Exchange to Support:

             Increased Demand for Montana Forest Products

             Realizing the benefits sourcing Montana wood provides our communities and our forests.


Forest Products Initiative

Forests in Focus Initiative: Forest Restoration and Industry Retention

Montana Forest Products Roundtable

Montana Forest Products Week (October)

Montana Forest Industry Research, UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research


Wood Energy Initiative

Fire1.jpgTo initiate and advance renewable wood energy usage in Montana through advocacy, outreach, education and project support.

  Attain the Benefits of Renewable Wood Energy. 


For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .