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Forestry Assistance



The Forestry Assistance Bureau (FAB) provides service to communities and private landowners to promote sustainable forests and watersheds for the benefit of all Montanans.

The FAB delivers assistance in the following program areas:


  • Forest Pest Management: Provides assistance to family forest landowners and others in the identification and management of forest insects and diseases.

  • Forest Practices: Provides landowners with the resources to comply with Montana's forest practices laws, rules and forest water quality best management practices.

  • Forest Products and Biomass: Provides information and financial assistance that promotes forest product and biomass market and business development.

  • Forest Stewardship: Assists family forest owners in acquiring personal knowledge about their forest resources, developing a stewardship plan for their property, and implementing their objectives with financial and technical assistance.

  • Urban and Community Forestry: Provides Montana’s urban communities with assistance in establishing and maintaining urban forestry programs through grant support, technical advice, and formation of community tree boards and Tree City USA recognition.

  • Conservation Seedling Nursery: Produces and distributes seedlings for conservation plantings to private, state, federal, and tribal landowners.

  • 2020 Forest Action Plan Update

  • 2010 State Assessment of Forest Resources and Forest Action Plan

Special Initiatives:

  • Forests in Focus:  Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced this initiative designed to address challenges and opportunities facing Montana in four key areas.

  • Buy Montana Wood: This website contains a directory of wood products manufactures in Montana, wood design resources, and information on the benefits wood and wood products provide for Montana.


FAB Assistance falls into 4 general categories:


  • Education: We sponsor workshops, seminars, field days, and provide written materials to provide clients with the information they need to be good stewards of forest land.
  • Technical assistance: Our program specialists and service foresters provide personalized, on-site consultations to forest communities and landowners.
  • Financial assistance: We provide grants and cost-share programs to community and private forest owners to help them implement long-term stewardship plans.
  • Collaboration: We partner with other forestry agencies and groups, striving to diversify the Montana forestry network by initiating new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.


 Guiding Documents


The priorities, objectives, and strategies of FAB programs and initiatives are directed by a set of guiding documents.  View the Montana State Assessment of Forest Resources and the Montana Forest Action Plan page for more detail.