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Deer Lodge Fire Crew

Inmate Crew

The Deer Lodge Fire Crew is a Type 2 hand crew managed and supervised through a cooperative effort between the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC); Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) and Montana State Prison (MSP).

  • The Deer Lodge Fire Crew is available for dispatch to any wildland fire incident in Montana; state, federal or local jurisdiction.
  • The Deer Lodge Fire Crew porvides suppression services at a lower cost than other hand crews.
  • The crew can be assembled and rolling to a fire location within two hours of being ordered.
  • The crew is a resource of the Southwestern Land Office -DNRC and is dispatched through the Missoula Interagency Dispatch Center.
  • The Crew consists of one DNRC Crew Boss, three DOC Officer Squad Bosses, and 15 Inmate Firefighters.
  • The Deer Lodge Fire Crew will have 24-hour supervision by DOC Officers. The crew will be separated from other personnel at incident base or camp setting.
  • The crew is self sufficient for the first operational period; personnel transportation, chase vehicle, PPE, radios, hand tools, chainsaw, meals ready to eat, and sleeping bags.

Participation in the Deer Lodge Fire Crew enables inmates to:

  • Be responsible by paying for family support and crime victim's compensation from their checks.
  • Acquire new skills.
  • Provide a valuable service as a productive member of society.

Inmates must meet screening requirements including:

  • Classified as minimum securtiy.
  • Six months of clear conduct.
  • Be parole eligable; be within 2-3 years of release date.
  • No detainers.
  • Show a commitment to change - enrolled in and/or have competed recommended or court ordered treatment.
  • No escape history from a secure facility within 10 years
  • No walkaways from prerelase or monitoring program within the last three years.
  • Must have medical clearances and pass arduous fitness test.
  • No history of trafficking contraband while incarcerated.
  • No sex offenders or offenders with arson as part of their conviction.

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Fire Protection Contacts

Fire FAX:406-542-4242

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Fire Protection     406-542-4223

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Operations         406-542-4220

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Fire Protection    406-865-0556

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