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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Reduce Your Wildfire Risk

DNRC Employee helping with assessing fire risk

Determining your wildfire risk and taking actions to prepare is important and need by all Montana residents.

To learn more, click on the "Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal" button below to locate your property. If your property does not have a wildfire risk assigned (a structure dot without color) you can add preliminary information to get an initial risk rating, which typically will be low due to not all the needed attributes entered.

To get a complete risk rating add your information into the "Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal"  and you will be contacted about setting up a site visit and/or mailing you educational material on the wildfire risk reduction steps you can take to prepare for wildfires.

Once you find your property and have a wildfire risk assigned you will be able to access your properties' specific wildfire risk report. This link is locate on the "Welcome to Montana's Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal"

Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (this link will be live soon)

The "Find Your Property" tool is a public resource provided by Situation Analyst Montana created by Intterra Group.

For additional information on how you can prepare for wildfires check out the videos and fact sheets below along with the links to publications on the right side of this page.

Fact Sheets


Attics and Crawl Space Vents 

Roofing Material



Walls and Siding



Rain Gutters



Balconies and Decks