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Local Government Fire Forces (LGFF)

Incident Rental Agreement (IRA) Templates

IRA General Clauses (Incident Rental Agreement) (February 2020)
Fully Operated IRA (Incident Rental Agreement) (2021)
Unoperated IRA (Incident Rental Agreement) (2021)
Unoperated Option 3 IRA (Incident Rental Agreement) (2021)
Instructions and Checklist for IRA (Incident Rental Agreement) (February 5, 2020)

LGFF Forms

LGFF Hiring Option Chart  (2022)
Chief's Certification for Local Government Fire Forces (2021)
Additional Personnel Roster for Chief's Certification (2021)
Contractor / Cooperator / Operator Checklist  (1/2022)
MT DNRC Emergency Firefighter (EFF Information Sheet 2021-22)
Resource Assignment Extension Form (2021)
Montana Combined Shift Ticket (Fillable) (5/2020)
Montana Combined Shift Ticket w/signatures (Fillable) (5/2020)


LGFF Option 3

Option 3 - Cooperative Fire Support Agreement Template
Option 3 - Cooperative Fire Support Agreement Billing Rate Form
Option 3 - Fire Department Billing Invoice Template  4/4/2022


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