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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 444-2074 | Fax: (406) 444-2684
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Forms and Information

Line Officer Tool Kit

FEMA Decision Checklist

Agreement Forms



Cost Share Template (word) 2017
FEMA Decision Checklist
F-200 Cooperative Fire Control Agreement 2015
F-202 Cooperative Equipment Agreement 2015
Mutual Aid Agreement Mutual Aid Agreement 2007
Initial Attack Agreement Initial Attack Agreement 2008

Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement (EERA) Templates

EERA Checklist
EERA Blank Template PAGE 1 & EERA Blank Template PAGE 2
EERA OF-294 General Clause
EERA Special Provision Pick List

Department of Labor Wage Determination (latest version 12/29/2015)

W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form NEW - fillable

Fire Finance Info & Forms

Claim Forms

Contract Claims Worksheet

Contractor Checklist

DNRC IBA (Incident Business Advisors) Job Aid

DNRC IBA (Incident Business Advisors) Operating Procedures

IBA (Incident Business Advisors) Direction Form

First Report of Injury Instructions and link to reporting form

Interagency Fire Package Master Index

Restaurant Authorization Form with instructions

Restaurant Authorization Form Filllable PDF no instructions, extra page for receipt photo.To be used where no hard copy detailed receipt is available. (March 1, 2016 form) updated 7/9/2018

In State Fire Meal Policy Guide

Out of State Fire Meal Policy Guide

DNRC Resource Rate Form

Time Report [new eISUITE OF-288]

Time Unit Cheat Sheet 

W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form  NEW - fillable

Fire Payment Packet Information

DNRC Commonly Used Fire Accounts

DNRC Fire Payment Approval Sheet Fillable PDF (Apr 2016)
DNRC Fire Payment Approval Sheet Word (April 2016)
DNRC Fire Payment Log - CY17
DNRC Fire Payments Log - CY18 [Updated 11/8/2018]

2018 Standards for Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook  (SIIBMH) Supplements, Blue Pages - April 1, 2018

Notice: By opening the NRCC PDF documents or the Toolbox, you will be leaving the DNRC site and accessing the Federal website for these documents.


Chapter 0

Chapter 10

Chapter 20

Chapter 30 Chapter 40

Chapter 50

Chapter 70






DNRC Manuals

click on Manual number to open

300 - Fire Business Manual

900 - Fire Suppression Manual

["Work/Rest, Length of Assignment, Days Off" Policy detailed in 930, Pgs 4-10]

Work/Rest & Work Length Policy for Fire-Suppression and All-hazard Assignments (Last Revised 7/1/2016)

Miscellaneous Forms

DNRC Fire Resource Information
DNRC Mobile Command Post Resource Rate Form [pre determined rate]
Land Use Agreement [word template]

NWCG Supplemental Food and Drink Guidance

Memorandum No 16-010

Memorandum No 16-010a

Travel Forms and Information

DOA Travel Policies
DNRC Travel Policy
Request & Justification for Out-of-State Travel [word template]
Lodging Rates 
Request for Reimbursement of Lodging at Actual Cost
Personal Vehicle Use Authorization Form
Travel Expense Voucher Form with instruction sheet
Calendar Year State Employee Travel Information - Rates for Per Diem, Lodging, Mileage  [10/1/18 - 9/30/19]