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Cost Share Agreements

 Cost Shares 2010 to 2015 previously posted have been removed as housekeeping. If you need to reference any, please contact Joanne Marceau, 406-542-4252.


Bull (EAS) Wall (EAS)             
Long Butte (EAS) Elmo (NWS)
Boulder Lake  (SWS)


2021 NRGA Fire Support Devils Creek  (EAS)          
Fourmile  (SOS) MM46  (EAS)
Slough Grass  (EAS) Wolf Coulee  (EAS)
Alder Creek  (CES) Robertson Draw  (SOS)
Richard Spring  (EAS) 2021 MTNG Mob
Woods Creek  (CES) Deep Creek Canyon  (CES)
South Moccasin (NES)



2020 NRGA Fire Support

Antelope  (CES-DLN)
Black Butte   (EAS)
Bradley Creek   (CES-DLN)
Bridger Foothills  9/29/2020 (CES-BZN)
Buffalo (EAS)
Burley (EAS)
Fire Gulch   (EAS)
Flat Creek  (NES)
Hill (NES)
Huff (SOS)
Judith River Road 2  (NES)
Lump Gulch (CES)
Mud Creek-Decision Document (NES)
Pumpkin (EAS)
Red Butte  (EAS)

Rice (SOS)

Seventy-Six (SOS)

Snider (SOS)

Whistle Creek  (SOS)


NRGA Fire Support

Ridgetop (CES)   

Beeskove (SWS)


NR Fire Support NRCC Expanded Support
Payola (NES) Rose Creek (NES)
2018 NR MT Fire Support


2017 DNRC Fire Season Cost Share Summary  [.xlsx file] updated November 12, 2018
2017 Eastern Montana Staging
2017 NR Fire Support
Crow Rock
2017 NR GMAC Support Crying
2017 NR Medical Assistance Team Ditch Creek
2017 NR IR Support East Fork
2017 NR IMT Staging July
2017 NRCC Expanded Support Liberty
Alice Creek Lodgepole Complex
Battle Complex Moose Peak
Blue Ridge Complex Sapphire Complex
Buffalo Sartin Draw / Snider
Cedar Creek Square Butte (NES)


2016 Competed Agreements Administration

Copper King

2016 NRCC Expanded Support

Colorado Gulch

2016 NR Fire Support Preposition


Blue Lake

Mud Draw


Roaring Lion