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Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Grant Program


The Landscape Scale Restoration Grant Program (or LSR, formerly known as Competitive Redesign or “Comp” Grant) is delivered by a partnership between the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry and the Montana DNRC. The program is intended for implementation of watershed level, forest-based projects and activities which address the three State and Private Forestry national themes:

  • conserve and manage working forests
  • protect forests from threats
  • enhance public benefits from private forests


These activities will integrate multiple program areas, including forest stewardship, forest health and protection, wildland fire mitigation and restoration, and urban and community forestry.

crThe DNRC works with partners to develop LSR projects proposals for the nationwide scoring and review process. The development process typically begins in January or February and continues until final national submission in September. Eligible project partners include but are not limited to state agencies, non-profit organizations, conservation districts, or county and municipal governments. The maximum grant award is $300,000. Funds may only be used on non-federal lands and may not be used to compensate federal staff or expenses.




For more information, please contact the DNRC Forestry Division’s Stewardship Program Manager, , (406) 542-4221.


Stewardship Program Manager
Erik Warrington
Phone: (406) 542-4303

Stewardship Specialist
Ashley Juran
Phone: (406) 542-4280

Outreach Specialist
Julia Berkey
Phone: (406) 542-4221