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Grants & Subaward Agreements

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Federal Transition from DUNS Number to Unique Entity Identifier

On April 4, 2022, the Federal Government stopped using the DUNS Number and started using the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) as the primary means of entity identification for Federal awards government-wide. All DNRC agreements subawarding federal funds will now require an UEI.

This Fact Sheet Summary provides comprehensive background, instructions, and helpful links concerning the change.



DNRC Forestry Division Uses Electronic Signatures for Agreements

Fast, convenient, secure - we now use the DocuSign service to route grants and subaward agreement for signature.
This flyer explains some of the benefits of electronic signature.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Tools for Subaward Management

The following FAQs and presentations are intended to assist subrecipients with the managing their DNRC Forestry Division subawards. FAQs are a short read, while presentations go into greater depth and include examples.


Responsibilities for Subrecipients of Federal Funds:

FAQ Presentation

The Subaward Agreement:

FAQ Presentation

How to Access Subaward Funds:

FAQ Presentation

Match and How to Track and Account for It:

FAQ Presentation

Accounting for Costs:

FAQ Presentation

Subaward Closeout:

FAQ Presentation

     2021 Stewardship Summit - Grants Office Session on Managing DNRC Subawards:  Meeting Recording