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Resources and Training

Swamp Creek Siphon project tour.


Resources and Helpful Documents


All Programs

Renewable Resources Grant and Loan Program

Reclamation and Development Grants Program

DNRC Grant Writing Tips

Vendor Invoice Instructions

Vendor Invoice

Final Report Certificates


RRGL FAQ for Grantees

RRGL Project Checklist

RRGL Program Brochure

Grant Management Plan

Private Grant Program Brochure

RDG FAQ for Applicants

RDG FAQ for Grantees

Progress Report Template   (pdf)   (word)

Reimbursement Checklist

Grant Close-out Checklist

Final Report Certificates

Webinar: Intro. to RDG Program   (pdf)

Webinar: Tips and Tricks for RDG Project Grants  (pdf)

Environmental Checklist, Examples, and Training:

Environmental Checklist

Example Checklist

Example MEPA Environmental Assessment

 Training Video:  Environmental Checklist Tutorial


Training for Applicants and Grantees

Remote Testimony for Applicants to RDG and RRGL Programs 2021 (Webinar - use access code:  aQC.g6.F)(pdf)


2020 Grant Writing Workshop 

Handouts Presentations

Links to Natural Resource Grants and Resources

Watershed Funding Opportunities

Webinar Note-Taking (word) (pdf)

Goal-Objective-Task Worksheet 

Environmental Checklist Example and Resources

Project Management Plan Worksheet

Webinar Introduction (pdf)

Grant Strategy (webinar(pdf)

Types of Natural Resource Grants (Webinar Pt1, Pt 2(pdf)

Writing Purpose and Need (webinar(pdf)

Project Management Plan (webinar) (pdf)

Budget Justification (pdf)

Public Involvement, Support, and Permitting (webinar(pdf)

Environmental Assessment (webinar(pdf)

Scoring Criteria, Review Process, and Awards (pdf)

Webgrants Instructions, Hints, and Tips (pdf)

Past Trainings

Webgrants- Status Reports and Claims    Webinar

Successful Grant Writing 101   Webinar   PDF

Writing for Success   Webinar   PDF 

Developing a Scope of Work   Webinar 

Developing a Budget   Webinar 

Navigating the Webgrants Online Application   Webinar   Handouts


Bureau News

DNRC RRGL and RDG Program Announce 2023 Biennium Ranked Applications

RRGL Ranked Application List

RDGP Ranked Application List


DNRC RRGL and RDG Programs Announce 2023 Biennium Submitted Applications

Applications were submitted on June 1, 2020

RRGL Application List

RDG Application List

Grants Currently Available

Announcement - RRGL Planning Grants will have a cycle open July 1, 2021-August 20, 2021

See Grants and Loan page for more information

Now Available!  Funded Projects Map

Emergency Rule Notification

CARDD adopts emergency rules to extend RRGL and RDG Project Grant Deadline to June 1, 2020

Notice of Rule Change      Emergency Rule

Final Reports Available

RRGL and RDGP project grant final reports and interactive map available here.

AIS grant final reports available here.

Additional Resources:



Resource Development Bureau

Chief  406-444-6687

Renewable Resource Grants and Loan Program

         RRGL and Private Grant Program

         RRGL and Watershed Management Grant Program

         RRGL Program Engineer

Reclamation and Development Grants Program

Glasgow Field Office

RRGL and Irrigation Development Program
PO BOX 231
228 6th St S
Glasgow, MT 59230