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RDG AIS Funded Projects

The following projects have been funded through the Reclamation and Development Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Program. The listing below includes the project sponsor and project title. Click on the biennium to see the full list of projects funded or the project name to access the final report. If there is no link, the project is currently active. 


2019 Biennium

Broadwater County Conservation District
Broadwater Conservation District Mussel Response

Garfield County Conservation District
AIS Support for Conservation Districts and Watershed Groups

Marion Elementary School District
Lake Education and Awareness Program

Missoula County Weed District
2018 Blackfoot, Clearwater, Swan Education and Outreach

Missoula County Weed District
2018 Blackfoot, Clearwater, Swan Monitoring

Missoula County Weed District
2018 Blackfoot, Clearwater, Swan Save our Waters

Montana Natural Heritage Program
AIS Data Management

Petroleum County Conservation District
Central and Eastern Montana Mussel Response

Rosebud Conservation District
Central and Eastern Montana Mussel Response: Yellowstone River Basin Prevention

Salish Kootenai College
Sequential Dry Ground/Foliar Herbicide Applications for the Suppression of Flowering Rush

Sanders County
Sanders County AIS Monitoring and Hybrid Watermilfoil Research

Upper Columbia Conservation Commission
Raising AIS Awareness in Montana's Upper Columbia Basin

University of Montana - Flathead Lake Biological Station
Aquatic Invasive Species Teaching Trunks

University of Montana - Flathead Lake Biological Station
FLBS Invasive Mussel Sampling using Microscopy

2017 Biennium

Cascade Conservation District
Cascade Prevent the Spread Prevention and Awareness

City of Whitefish
Whitefish Lake Mussel Response Initiative

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
CSKT AIS Decontamination Stations

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
Enhancing Awareness of Invasive Species on the Flathead Indian Reservation Education and Outreach

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
K-9 Boat Inspections

Flathead Basin Commission
K-9 Detection at Tiber and Canyon Ferry

Fish, Wildlife and Parks
2016 Statewide AIS Early Detection and Monitoring

Lewis and Clark Conservation District
Statewide AIS Activity Summary

Lincoln County Weed District
Lincoln County Baseline Monitoring Planning

Madison County Conservation District
AIS Prevention: Education and Outreach Boot Cleaning Stations

Missoula County Weed District
Montana Invasive Species Framework - Aquatic Component

Lower Musselshell Conservation District
Lower Musselshell Invasive Mussel Prevention Project

MIssoula County Weed District
Blackfoot, Clearwater, Swan AIS Cooperative Project

MSU Extension
2016 Gallatin County AIS Monitoring

MSU Extension 
MSU Extension 2017 Monitoring

Montana State University
Hybrid Eurasian Watermillfoil in Noxon Reservoir - Growth, spread, treatment efficacy 

Pondera Conservation District
Pondera County Mussel Response (Lake Frances, Swift Reservoir)

Petroleum County Conservation District
Mussel Awareness on Fort Peck Lake

Sanders County
EWM Alternative Analysis

University of Montana
Biocontrol Agents for Flowering Rush--Year 4

University of Montana
TAG Petition Development to Import the Flowering Rush Weevil

Whitefish County Water District
Whitefish Lake Mussel Response Initiative

2015 Biennium

Blackfeet Nation
Blackfeet Nation Watercraft Inspection Station - Browning Highway 2

Broadwater Conservation District
Headwaters of the Missouri River Region Eurasian Watermilfoil Treatment Project

Broadwater Conservation District
Combating Aquatic Invasive Species in Broadwater County

Clearwater Resource Council
2014 AIS Volunteer Monitoring of High- Risk Lakes in the Clearwater Valley

Clearwater Resource Council
2015 Lake AIS Monitoring in the Clearwater Watershed

Hill County Weed District
Milk River Phragmites Survey

Lake County
Flathead Basin AIS Control and Surveys

Lake County
Flathead River Curlyleaf Pondweed Removal via Diver Dredge

Lake County
Coram Watercraft Inspection Station Pilot

Lake County
AIS Sniffer Dog Pilot Project

Lewis and Clark Conservation District
Invasive Species Education Project

Liberty County Weed District
Lake Elwell Curlyleaf Pondweed Bottom Barrier Project

Missoula County Weed District
Montana Invasive Species Advisory Council Support

MIssoula County Weed District
Missoula County AIS Monitoring

Montana State University
Evaluation of Invasiveness and Control for Pure vs. Hybrid Eurasian watermilfoil

Montana State University - Gallatin Extension
2014 Gallatin County AIS Monitoring

Montana State University - Gallatin Extension
2015 Gallatin, Park, Madison Counties AIS Monitoring

Ravalli County Weed District
Bitterroot River Curlyleaf Pondweed Monitoring

Salish Kootenai College
Southern Flathead River AIS Surveys and Flowering Rush Trials Year 1 and 2

Sanders County
2014 AIS Plant Management in Sanders County

Sanders County
2015 AIS Plant Management in Sanders County 

Valley County
Aquatic Invasive Species in Fort Peck, Montana

Whitefish Lake Institute
Volunteer AIS Coordination and Field Prep for Monitoring 


2013 Biennium

Carbon County
Cooney Reservoir Eurasian Watermilfoil Project

Clark Fork Coalition
Upper Clark Fork Basin Aquatic Invasive Species Survey

Flathead County Weed District
Beaver Lake Eurasian Watermilfoil Emergency Control

Flathead Lakers
Flathead Basin AIS Survey and Beaver Lake Eurasian Watermilfoil Eradication

Fish, Wildlife and Parks
AIS Monitoring 

Invasive Species Action Network
Prioritization of Yellowstone River Basin Waterbodies for AIS Baseline Surveys

Jefferson County
Big Pipestone Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

Jefferson Valley Conservation District
EWM Control, Inventory and Public Outreach in Missouri River Headwaters

Lake County
Lake County Aquatic Invasive Species Survey

Liberty County Weed District
Lake Elwell/Tiber Dam Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Project

Mississippi State University
Aquatic Invasive Plant Survey of Selected Montana Waters for 2012
Aquatic Invasive Plant Survey for Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curly Leaf Pondweed in the Bighorn Reservoir
Aquatic Invasive Plant Survey of the Missouri River Headwaters Area

Missoula County Weed District
2013 AIS Monitoring and Vegetation Survey for Missoula County Lakes and Rivers

Montana Department of Agriculture
Surveys Upper Missouri, Yellowstone River, and Other Priority Waters

Petroleum County Conservation District
Fort Peck Eurasian Watermilfoil Demonstration Project

Powell County Weed District
Clark Fork and Blackfoot River Basin Aquatic Weed Survey

Toston Reservoir Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal Project





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