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Reports and Maps

Program Summaries and Project Grant Applications

Applications received May 16, 2022

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Resource Development Bureau Dashboard full page view



Program Summaries and Project Grant Applications

Current Biennium



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2021 Budget book rrgl FRONT cover1024_1 border.jpg

Governor’s Executive Budget Fiscal Years 2022-2023, Volume 6 (pdf)


76 applications received June 1, 2020

  • RRGL Ranked List (pdf)
  • RRGL Alphabetical List (pdf)

2020 RRGL Application (pdf)
2020 RRGL Uniform Applicaton (pdf)

2020 RRGL Application Supplement (pdf)

RDG Title.jpg


RDG 2023B Cover.jpg

Governor’s Executive Budget Fiscal Years 2022-2023, Volume 5 (pdf)


2020.RDG.applications Map FINAL.jpg18 applications received June 1, 2020

  •  RDG Ranked List (pdf)
  •  RDG Alphabetical List (pdf)

2020 RDG Application (pdf)

Committee Handouts and Presentation (pdf) 

Spotlight on Recent Projects

Grants Awarded this Biennium

Grants for the following programs are awarded throughout the biennium as funding is available. Select a program for a list of grants awarded.

RDGP Planning GrantsRenewable Resource Grant and Loan Program  Planning GrantsIrrigation Development Grants
Emergency GrantsWatershed Management GrantsPrivate Grants

Past Biennium - Funded Projects Interactive Map

RRGL and RDGP Project Grants Awarded 2008-2020

 RRGL (green) and RDGP (purple)

Click on the map points to learn more about project grants funded in the RRGL and RDG programs and view the final report. Projects without final reports are still active and will show an error message instead of a final report. To view a full screen map, click here.

 How to use the map:

  • Clicking on the points will open an information box with the name of the project, project sponsor, and link to the final report. 

  • The arrow on the upper right hand side of the information box will allow you to view other projects in the same location or nearby. 

  • Use the (+) and (-) buttons on the left hand side of the map to zoom in and out of the map. The home button will return you to a full view of Montana. 

  • Hold down and move the mouse to drag the map view to a new location. 

  • An error message will display instead of a final report for projects that are still active/not complete. 

  • For additional information on grants awarded by the Resource Development Bureau or to request other final reports, please contact or .  


Bureau News


Looking for Project Funding?

Grants and Loans for Natural Resource Activities Handout

Project Grants List

Renewable Resource Grants and Loan Program Project Grant Applications have been submitted are available on the RRGL Page.

Grants Currently Available

Reclamation and Development Planning Grants reviewed monthly.

Private Grants currently available.

Emergency Grants currently available.


Apply online at

See Grants and Loan page for more information


Now Available!  Funded Projects Map

Final Reports

RRGL and RDGP project grant final reports and interactive map available here.

AIS grant final reports available here.

Additional Resources:



Resource Development Bureau

Chief  406-444-6687

Renewable Resource Grants and Loan Program

         RRGL and Private Grant Program

         Watershed Management Grant Program

         RRGL Program Engineer

Reclamation and Development Grants Program


Glasgow Field Office

RRGL and Irrigation Development Program
PO BOX 231
228 6th St S
Glasgow, MT 59230