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Renewable Resource Grants to Private Entities

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Project Eligibility

  1. New home construction is not eligible for the private grant program.
  2. The project will provide public benefits.
  3. The project cannot be accomplished without assistance of a loan or grant.
  4. The project promotes the objectives of the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program.
  5. The project will be given priority if it provides for more than one purpose for the facility.
  6. The project will be an efficient use of a natural resource including water, energy, land, and air without diminishing the quality.

Examples of projects:

  1. Owners of small systems have difficulty in meeting Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, but must meet the same requirements that municipal water systems face. Most of the funds are targeted to assist small, privately owned water systems.
  2. High-hazard, private dam and water measuring projects are solicited by the Dam Safety Bureau and the Water Management Bureau of the Water Resources Division of DNRC.

Projects Not Eligible For Funding:

  • Feasibility studies,
  • research,
  • and/or public information projects

Applicant Eligibility

Financial assistance is available to any individual, association, partnership, or corporation (both for-profit and nonprofit).

Funding Availability

Applications may be submitted to the department after July 1, 2017.


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