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RDG Spotlight on Active Projects

In the 2020-2021 Biennium the Reclamation and Development Grants Program has funded:

13 project grants 

17 planning grants 

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Spotlight on Active Projects

Musselshell County: Bair-Collins Mine Reclamation and Musselshell River Restoration

*Last updated November 2020

The Bair-Collins Mine Reclamation and River Restoration Project will reclaim an abandoned coal mine; reduce impacts from flood events on the Musselshell River adjacent to Roundup, Montana; improve the fishery; and create recreational access to the river. The project is a collaborative effort by Musselshell County, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Program, and the Musselshell Watershed Coalition.  Historical coal mining, railroad development, and channel stabilization have contributed to degradation of this reach of the river.  Restoration of the river floodplain will reduce impacts from flooding events, improve water quality, reestabilsh aquatic habitat, and improve terrestrial habitat.  This project received an RDG planning grant in 2018 and a RDG project grant in 2019.  

Excavation48.17.20.jpg LoadingBermMaterial8.27.20.jpg Scraping TopsoilSSA28.11.20.jpg

This collaborative project is possible because of funding from both state and federal sources.  This multimillion-dollar project has received funding from DNRC Reclamation and Development Grants (RDG) Program, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Future Fisheries and Community Ponds programs, DEQ’s Brownfields and AML Programs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Without these programs, projects like this would be difficult to complete.  

The project began when Musselshell County received a grant from FEMA to appraise and purchase properties on the floodplain of the Musselshell River. The county also received a planning grant from the DNRC Reclamation and Development Grants Program to assess the impacts from the abandoned mine and design the project. Funding from DEQ’s Brownfields Program was used to assess and remove any hazardous materials from buildings in the project area. While the buildings were being removed, funding from the DNRC Reclamation and Development Grants Program ($500,000 project grant), DEQ’s Abandoned Mine Lands Program, and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks was secured to restore the site. 

Project Videos

Bair-Collins.jpg Vid2.jpg
Vid 3.jpg vid 4.jpg
Vid 5.jpg Vid 6.jpg
Vid 7.jpg vid 8.jpg
vid 9.jpg

Excavation of topsoil, waste coal, and scoria began in August.  The industrial nature of the site is evident in the excavations that have uncovered detroit riprap and other debris.  Metal and concrete recovered at the site are being hauled to Billings for recycling and reuse. Work continued through October 2020. The Abandoned Mine Lands Program is working with the Musselshell County officials to develop additional recreational opportunities at the site once the current construction activities are complete.  

Floodplain restoration is extremely beneficial to riparian and aquatic habitat and creates additional space for water during floods. Another RDG funded project along the Musselshell in Harlowton will remove petroleum contaminated soils, restore the floodplain, and reduce flooding in that area. 

RehbeingetsmaterialfromBC8.27.20_1.jpg DetroitRiprapBC8.27.20.jpg Bair-Collins Excavation8.17.20.jpg
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