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Reclamation and Development Grants Program

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The program is administered by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) to fund project that:

  • Compensate Montana citizens for the effects of exploration and mining on Montana lands
  • Serve the public interest and the State of Montana. 

Examples of projects include:

  • Abandoned Mine Reclamation
  • Brownfields  Cleanup
  • Abandoned Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup
  • Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Cleanup
  • Erosion Control (mining related)
  • Crucial State Needs


  • Interest income from the Resource Indemnity Trust Fund.  This fund receives proceeds from taxes levied on mineral production. 
  • The 2015 Legislature allocated $5.3 million to the Reclamation and Development Grants Program.  This amount is subject to legislative change each biennium.

Eligible Applicants

  • Cities, counties, or other political subdivision Tribal governments in Montana.
  • Divisions of state government (departments, agencies, boards, commissions)

Eligible Projects

  • Reclaim land, water, or other re­sources adversely affected by mining and exploration
  • Mitigate damage to public resources caused by mining exploration
  • Research, demonstrate wise use of Montana minerals, including efforts to make processing less damaging to the en­vironment
  • Identify and repair sites where toxic and hazardous wastes threaten public health or the environment
  • Research or assess existing or potential environmental damage resulting from mining and exploration

The Legislature may also approve projects that:

  • Enhance Montana's economy through the development of natural resources
  • Develop, promote, or protect Montana's total environment and the general health, safety, welfare, and public resources of Montana's citizens and communities.

Grant Amount

  • DNRC will recommend no more than $300,000 for most projects.  DNRC may recommend up to $500,000 if the applicant has demonstrated financial need and unavailability of other funds (approved by the Montana Legislature).
Application Information

When to Apply

The application deadline is May 15 in even numbered years.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted online through the State of Montana grant management system at

Grant Guidance:

2016 Application (word form)
2016 Application (pdf form)

2016 (2019 Biennium) Reclamation and Development Grants Program Abstacts

WebGrants Tutorials:

--WebGrants Registration Instructions


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