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Resource Development Bureau

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 The Resource Development Bureau (RDB) provides technical and financial assistance to local governments, state agencies, nonprofits and private citizens for projects that benefit, protect, restore, conserve or sustainably develop Montana’s natural resources. RDB also provides assistance to conservation districts for the administration of water reservations. 

The grant and loan programs administered by the bureau total over $340 million in bond authority and over $10 million in grants each biennium. The RDB program includes the following:

Jocko K

Mine Tunnels


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Renewable Resource Grants and Loans (RRGL)

Reclamation and Development Grants Program (RDGP)

Irrigation Development Grants

Project Grants

Project Loans

Project Planning Grants

Watershed Management Grants

Emergency Grants

Private Grants

Private Loans

Project Grants

Planning Grants

Grants range from $300 to $20,000

Bureau News

Training Opportunity

Online Grant Writing Training on April 9 12:30-4:00 

Grants Currently Available

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the RRGL Planning Grants have been delayed until 04/10/2020.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the RRGL Project Grants have been delayed until 06/01/2020.

 Contact  406-444-9766 for more information

 Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the RDG Project Grants are now due 06/01/2020. 

Contact  406-444-6691 for more information


Now Available!  Funded Projects Map


 Other Programs:

Contact Program Managers for more information or find information on the Grants and Loan page.

Apply online

Final Reports Available

RRGL and RDGP project grant final reports and interactive map available here.

AIS grant final reports available here.

DNRC RRGL Program Announces 2021 Biennium Ranked Applications:

Ranked Application List (pdf)

DNRC RDG Program Announces 2021 Biennium Ranked Applications:

Ranked Application List (pdf)

RRGL and RDG Budget Books

2020-2021 Biennium Budget Books Page

DNRC CARDD Successful Grant Writing Webinar Series

Successful Grant Writing 101     Webinar   PDF
Writing for Success     Webinar   PDF
Developing a Scope of Work     Webinar
Developing a Budget     Webinar
Webgrants Online Application 101     Webinar   Handouts
Introduction to the RDG Program     Webinar   PDF

Additional resources can be found on the Resources and Training page here

Additional Resources:



Resource Development Bureau

Chief  406-444-6687

Renewable Resource Grants and Loan Program

         RRGL and Private Grant Program

         RRGL and Watershed Management Grant Program

         RRGL Program Engineer

Reclamation and Development Grants Program

Glasgow Field Office

RRGL and Irrigation Development Program
PO BOX 231
228 6th St S
Glasgow, MT 59230