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Rangeland Resources Program

The Rangelands Resource Program provides opportunities to bring together people who care to learn from one another and collaborate on common goals. The program serves as a credible source of information, unbiased, trusted, honest, and non-political as well as welcoming to everyone who cares about rangeland. The program will focus on building relationships with diverse groups and share perspectives and ideas while creating positive relationships proactively working together with other groups.

King Ranch

Chris King’s ancestors came to the Lewistown area in the 1880s and thrived. But the 1930s brought hard times; his grandfather moved to Winnett and “started over” during the depth of the Great Depression. The King Ranch today spans a checkerboard of private, state, and BLM lands, all managed with the same focus on conservation and sustainability. Chris and his wife, Gari, work with NGOs, state and federal agencies, and other partners to ensure that soil, water, and other resources are protected for present and future generations.

The Gran Prairie Ranch

Nick and Marti Schultz’s Gran Prairie Ranch has been in the family for 110 years; today their three young boys are learning the ropes, gaining a sense of responsibility and purpose, as well as the notion that work can be enjoyable and rewarding. The ranch is part of a State Grazing District, a form of cooperation and partnership where neighbors share grazing opportunities. Montana is the last state in the West to have statutorily-authorized Grazing Districts. Nick and Marti also utilize many agency resources that help them sustain their land and the watershed.


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Rangeland Resource Committee

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