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Montana Mussel Response


Response Team Recommendations

On January 16, 2017, Montana's Mussel Response Team announced its recommendations for containing and controlling invasive mussels in Montana.

Mussel Response News

Montana Mussel Response Team

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Gov. Steve Bullock issued an executive order Nov. 30, 2016, declaring a statewide natural resource emergency for Montana waterbodies due to the detection of invasive aquatic mussel larvae.

The State of Montana's Mussel Response Team was formed to rapidly assess the extent and severity of the mussel incident affecting Montana's waterways. The team is working to develop a coordinated response and long term strategy in order to mitigate economic and ecological damage.

To accomplish this, the team is collecting scientific data and other information and coordinating with the region in order to make informed decisions, contain and control affected areas, and develop procedures to prevent future contamination risks and further spread to mussel-free states. Providing the public with accurate and timely information is a priority of the response team.

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