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Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Program

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In the 2019 Legislature, funding for the Aquatic Invasive Species Grant (AIS) Program was provided through the AIS funding package in HB 32. Prior to that, funding was appropriated to the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) through the Reclamation and Development Grants Program.

The new legislation in 2019, directs the DNRC to administer the AIS Grant Program in coordination with the Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC). DNRC will provide fiscal management of the grant program and approve funding decisions, while MISC will manage the application process, reviews, and provide recommendations to the DNRC Director. Funding in the amount of $278,000/year for FY 20 and FY 21 was appropriated by the legislature. DNRC may incur up to 10% of the yearly appropriation for administration of the program. 

Applicant Eligibility

AIS grants are available to Montana communities or local, state, tribal, or other entities within the state and to Montana-based non-governmental entities.

Grant Limits and Types

$50,000 per project. Projects can be up to 18 months with a one-year extension if needed. Grantee must request any extension in writing to DNRC for approval.

On-the-ground projects: Projects or programs that address AIS priorities and other eligible projects. Typically, these are monitoring and control projects.

Education and outreach projects:  Expand capacity and distribution of AIS outreach and education to improve AIS awareness and reinforce the Clean Drain Dry message.

AIS research projects:  Applied research investigating techniques and strategies to improve AIS prevention, early detection, education or control.  Projects must be applied research that addresses existing AIS priorities, gaps, questions or needs.

Current state-wide priorities that have been identified and vetted with former grantees and stakeholders for the upcoming AIS grant cycle include grants related to:

  • Monitoring / early detection projects to expand local capacity and involvement in multi- AIS taxa early detection efforts.
  • AIS outreach projects that expand AIS awareness at the local level.
  • AIS research projects including eDNA research related to dreissenid mussel early detection addressing eDNA Science Advisory Panel recommendations.

Locally-led proposals that address the state-wide priorities will receive ranking preference, however all eligible grant requests will be evaluated and considered.

Click HERE for the complete AIS Grant Program Guidelines, including the application process and ranking criteria. 


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Application Information

AIS Grant Applications

The first cycle of the new AIS Grant Program under the Montana Invasive Species Council has closed. Applications are currently being reviewed. The application grant hearings will be held on April 9, 2020, 8 am-noon in Helena at the Montana State Capitol, Room 137.

 AIS Grant Hearing Schedule 

To apply visit: application instructions.


AIS Grant Program Guidelines

AIS Grant Program Guidelines