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Key Topics

  • Types of Habitat (Wetlands, Range, Forest)
  • Wildlife (Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians) common to Montana and their Habitat requirements.
  • Natural processes affecting wildlife and habitat (Succession, Competition, Fire, Precipitation).
  • Interactions between people, wildlife and habitat.

Learning Objectives

  1. To learn how to recognize wildlife habitats and the effects of fire on wildlife habitats.
  2. To learn the common kinds of wildlife found in each habitat.
  3. To learn how management (preservation, conservation, and manipulation) of wildlife habitat interrelates with fire management.
  4. To learn the relationships between people, wildlife, and fire management.
  5. To learn how to deduce solutions to problems through teamwork with the information at hand.


  1. 4-H Wildlife Pamphlets County Extension Office ($0.50 each)
    -Birds of Prey #SW407
    -Waterfowl Management #SW408
    -Wildlife Careers #SW409
    -Fish Identification & Display #SW417
    -Wildlife Foods #SW432
    -Wildlife Ecology #SW434
    -Animal Tracks #SW438
  2. Wildlife Reprints from Montana Outdoors MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks Local Regional Offices or State Headquarters 406-444-2535
    -Identification of MT Big Game Animals
    -Identification of MT Birds of Prey
    -Identification of MT Most Common Game And Sport Fishes
    -Identification of MT Upland Game Birds -Identification of MT Owls
    -Identification of MT Furbearing Mammals
    -Living with Bald Eagles
    -Identification of MT Amphibians & Reptiles
    -Montana's Threatened and Endangered Species
  3. Wildlife Management Techniques Manual Local Library or Bookstore
    Edited by Schmenitz, Sanford D., 5th ed. The Wildlife Society
  4. Game Management in Montana MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks
    Edited by Mussehl, Thomas W. & Howell, F.W. 1971 Local Regional Office
  5. Field Guide to Birds of North America Local Library or Bookstore
    National Geographic Society
  6. Wildlife Biology, Raymond F. Dasmann Local Library or Bookstore
    1964, John Wiley and Sons, Pub.
  7. A Review of Wildlife Management, James M. Peek Local Library or Bookstore 1986, Prentice Hall, Pub.
  8. Wildlife Ecology and Management, Second Edition, Local Library or Bookstore William L. Robinson and Eric G. Bolen, 1989,
    Macmillan Publishing Company
  9. Montana Field Guide- an informational resource about Montana’s vertebrate wildlife species at