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Musselshell-Judith Regional Water System

A regional drinking water project providing water for Hobson, Judith Gap, Harlowton, Shawmut, Ryegate, Lavina, Broadview, Roundup and Melstone from groundwater sources within the Madison Aquifer Formation.

The Central Montana Regional Water Authority's mission is to provide quality, quantity and dependable water at a reasonable cost to the users in central Montana.

Central Montana Regional Water Authority Summary

The Central Montana Regional Water Authority works with communities in Central Montana that have been plagued for years by poor water quality and insufficient quantity. Communities along the Musselshell River drainage have long had difficulty in obtaining reliable quantity and quality water sources. Due to further complications from at least five years of drought on area ground water supplies at the beginning of the 21st Century, the City of Roundup and Musselshell County began work on a project through the Resource Conservation & Development Program in April 2001.

The Central Montana Regional Water Authority system is the most cost-effective and efficient means of providing the necessities of acceptable water quality and adequate water quantity in the communities to be served.

At an estimated cost of $85 million, the project will pursue grant funding from federal and state entities, to be augmented by loans to the Authority as segments are constructed and communities are brought on to the system. Securing funding from those sources will enable community residents to receive clean, safe water at affordable rates.

The regional water project will provide water from a group of wells into the Madison Aquifer Formation on the northeast end of the Little Belt Mountains, to the following communities:

  • Hobson
  • Judith Gap
  • Harlowton
  • Shawmut
  • Ryegate
  • Lavina
  • Broadview
  • Roundup
  • Melstone

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