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Rangeland Resource Program


January 17-18

The 2017 Seminar’s lineup includes:

- “So You Want to Date My Daughter?” by featured banquet guest speaker Bruce Vincent, 

- Grazing Rights,

- Profitability in the Beef Cattle Business,

- Cattle Markets and

- Winter Feeding/Forage Management

See "Events" for Full Agenda and Registration Form. 


About the Rangeland Resources Program

Cow on the range in Fergus County

The Rangeland Resource Program has four major areas of emphasis:

  • working with county range committees, conservation districts, and producer groups to foster sound rangeland management;
  • encouraging coordination and cooperation between private, state, and federal entities involved in range management;
  • administering the Rangeland Improvement Loan Program; and
  • co-sponsoring the Montana Range Tour, Winter Grazing Seminar, and Montana Youth Range Camp.


The program receives guidance from the Rangeland Resource Executive Committee, which is composed of six ranchers located across the state and appointed by the governor. Members include:

Les Gilman, Chairman, Alder
John Hollenback, Gold Creek, Vice Chair
Steve Hedstrom, Raynesford
Diane Ahlgren, Winnett
Noel Keogh, Nye
Connie Iversen, Culbertson

In addition, an ad hoc committee of agency and organization personnel serves in an advisory capacity to the executive committee.

Conservation District Bureau staff work to strengthen local grazing management programs by helping sponsor workshops, tours, and demonstration projects. Examples of these activities include the Montana Range Tour, Montana Youth Range Camp, and Winter Grazing Seminar.

Rangeland Improvement Loan Program

A loan program was started in 1979 for the purpose of improving rangelands in Montana. To date, 272 applications have been received for loans totaling $5,525,564; 18 loans totaling $313,353 are in repayment status. A typical rangeland loan project involves drilling a well and installing underground water lines to supply stock tanks. These stock tanks are usually in areas where water is insufficient or unsuitable for livestock. The projects are sometimes combined with cross fencing and an overall grazing plan to improve the rangeland. Over 1 million acres of Montana rangeland have been improved using funds from this program.    


Rangeland Resources Program Coordinator



2017 Winter Grazing Seminar  

January 17 & 18, 2017 sponsored by the Valley County Conservation District, 406 228-4321 Ext. 101,


Registration Form

Rangeland Resource Executive Committee (RREC) Meeting September 6, 2016


September Exec Committee Minutes

May Conference Call Minutes

September Conference Call Minutes

Range Leader of the Year Award

2016 Rangeland Leader of the Year Award - Application

Producer Jim Stone - Ovando, Montana

Agency  Krist Walstad/NRCS - Joliet, Montana

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Education Projects

The Rangeland Resources Program coordinated with the Montana Department of Agriculture to create these education projects. Each project contains a poster, visual aids and lesson plans written to Montana Office of Public Instruction standards. To request a copy of these projects please contact 406-437-1906.

Rangeland Puzzle Poster and Lesson Plans

Montana Pollinator Education Project

Montana Noxious Weed Education