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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Missoula Big Sky High School Team
2019 First Place Team: Big Sky High School #21

Helena High School Team
2019 Second Place Team: Helena High School #1

also Top Oral Presentation Winner

Powell County FFA Team
2019 Third Place Team: Powell County FFA #5

The first place team will go on to the NCF-Envirothon which was held in Raleigh, NC in July 2019.



The first place FFA team is eligible to compete at the National FFA Convention in the Natural Resource Career Development Event.
Powell County FFA
2019 First Place FFA Team: Powell County FFA #5
Joliet FFA Team
2019 Second Place FFA Team: Joliet FFA #27
Fairfield FFA
2019 Third Place FFA Team: Fairfield FFA #29



Station Winners
2019 Envirothon Top Test Score
2019 Top Test Score Winner: Joliet FFA #27
2019 Envirothon Wildlife Station Winner
2019 Wildlife Station Winner: Big Sky High School #21
2019 Envirothon Soils Station Winner
2019 Soils Station Winner: Winnett High School #13
2019 Envirothon Range Station Winner
2019 Range Station Winner: Powell County FFA #6
2019 Envirothon Forestry Station Winner
2019 Forestry Station Winner: Joliet FFA #27
2019 Envirothon Aquatics Station Winner
2019 Aquatics Station Winner: Big Sky High School #21



Photos taken during the competition
2019 Envirothon Current Issue Presentation
Current Issue Presentation
2019 Envirothon Aquatics Station
Paying attention at the Aquatics Station
2019 Envirothon Soils Station
Soil Infiltration tests and more
2019 Envirothon Range Station
Competitors listening intently
2019 Envirothon Forestry Station
Can you identify the various species of trees?
2019 Envirothon Yogo Inn
Lunch line at the Yogo Inn