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Conservation and Resource Development

Swamp Creek Siphon project tour.


The Conservation Resource Development Division (CARDD) provides technical and financial assistance to local governments, state agencies and private citizens for conservation, development, protection and management of the state's natural resources.

The division is incorporated into  three bureaus to help target resource improvement needs to best deliver focused resource assistance as follows:

Conservation Districts Bureau

The Conservation Districts Bureau is the coordinating state agency for conservation districts in Montana. Together, the CDB assists conservation districts that provides voluntary, incentive-based programs to empower private landowners that implement conservation on their property. The CDB assists conservation districts in meeting their legal requirements to carry out conservation programs locally and with the Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310 Law). 

The CDB offers many grant programs for  conservation districts, helps sponsor statewide educational events such as the Montana Youth Range Camp and the Montana Envirothon. The CDB also works with groups including the Montana Salinity Control Association, Yellowstone River Conservation Districts Council, the Missouri River Conservation Districts Council, and the Milk River Watershed Alliance.

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DNRC CD Report 2021

Financial Bureau

The Financial Development Bureau protects Montana's resources by issuing loans to borrowers for infrastructure improvement projects, manages the financial administration of Montana's Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund (WPCSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan programs and oversees the Regional Water program.

Resource Development Bureau

The Resource Development Bureau (RDB) administers several grant and loan programs and provides assistance to conservation districts for the administration of water reservations.

Division Contacts


CARDD main contact (406) 444-6667

State Employee Directory: DNRC contacts


Available Grants and Loans

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