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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Primary Phone Numbers

DNRC Headquarters: 406-444-2074

Conservation and Resource Development: 406-444-6667

Forestry:  406-542-4300

Trust Lands Management: 406-444-5499

Water Resources:  406-444-6999

Board of Oil and Gas Conservation:  406-656-0040



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Do You Have a Question About

Water Rights: Call 406-444-6610 or access Local Office by County or Water Rights Query System

Well Logs: Call 406-496-4336 or access information on-line

State Grazing Leases: Call 406-444-4951 or contact your Local Office by County

Cabin Site Leases: Call 406-444-0518

Burn Permits: Call 406-447-8351 or on-line

310 Permit/Work Done Near Waterways: Call 406-444-6668 or on-line

The Land Board: Call 406-444-5499 or view the Agenda

Hunting or Fishing on State Lands: Call 406-444-5760 or for Hunting Regulations call 406-444-2535 or on-line

Noxious Weeds:406-444-2991

Right of Way: Call 406-444-7431 or your Local Office by County

Dial 711 to place a TTY call using Montana Relay - For directions click the appropriate link: 
Make a Call | Receive a Call

Montana Telecommunications Access Program (800) 833-8503 (V, TTY)

Don't see what you're looking for? Call 406-444-2074

DNRC Website Redesign

Montana DNRC has begun the process to redesign and modernize our website. We need your input!

  To help guide our decisions, we would like feedback on what citizens are looking for when they come to our site. What about the navigation works or doesn’t? Do you typically find what you are looking for?

Please fill out our digital experience survey and share your thoughts on how we can better serve you.


DNRC Citizen Engagement Site

The Montana DNRC invites you to participate in our citizen engagement projects!

From water and drought projects to trust lands and forestry, we lead and/or participate in many projects across the State that you may be interested in following or providing your feedback on.

Please visit our engagement site to provide feedback on various DNRC projects and services.  You can choose to read about each project or become more involved by answering surveys, submitting questions or registering to receive email communications about specific projects so you can stay informed.  We invite you to be as involved as you like!

Engage DNRC (

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