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Land Banking Program

The State of Montana has the ability to sell state trust land (land).  However, until the passage of the Land Banking statute (§77-2-361 through 367, M.C.A.), there was no provision to purchase replacement land. This resulted in a net loss of trust land acreage.   

With the advent of Land Banking, it is now possible for the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to sell land to the public and put the proceeds in a Land Banking Trust Fund.  The combined funds from multiple sales can then be used to purchase parcels which produce a higher level of income than the lands sold.  This results in a greater income to the trust beneficiaries (U of M, MSU, Common Schools, etc.).

Parcels for Sale

To access information on Trust Land parcels that are offered for sale through Land Banking, click on the shaded counties in the map below.

Counties that are not shaded do not have any Trust Land parcels currently offered for sale through Land Banking.

DNRC Land for Sale