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Forest Pest Management

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The Forest Pest Management program works with State and private landowners to manage forest insects and diseases on their property.

Bullet Identify forest insects and diseases
Bullet Forest pest surveillance
Bullet Workshops and presentations
Bullet Grants for forest health projects
Bullet Verbenone, MCH, and Pheromones
Bullet Montana Insect and Disease Conditions
    Full conditions report--2013
    Montana Forest Health Highlights--2013
    Full conditions reports--prior to 2013
Bullet Aerial Detection Survey: 2013 and prior
    2013 Maps
    2013 GIS data
    2012 Maps
    2012 GIS data
Mature White Bark Pine killed by Mountain Pine Beetle
Mature whitebark pine killed by mountain pine beetle
DNRC Photo


Common Forest Insects in Montana:

Douglas-fir Beetle Fir Engraver Spruce Beetle
Douglas-fir Tussock Moth Mountain Pine Beetle Western Pine Beetle
Engraver Beetles (Ips species) Red Turpentine Beetle Western Spruce Budworm


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