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2018 wildfire season: prepare, prevent, protect

April 24, 2018, Missoula MT - All residents throughout Montana are encouraged to participate in Wildfire Awareness Month this May. The purpose is to raise awareness about community preparedness and what risk reduction steps you can take to prepare your family and property.

Residents in areas with a potential for wildfires can lower their risk through their preparedness efforts. Proactive actions from a single individual, or entire neighborhood, contribute to a safer community when wildfires happen.

Become a local champion through committing a couple of hours or an entire day to improving your property’s defensibility and resiliency; and contributing toward your community becoming more fire adapted.

Here are a few ways to prevent and prepare for wildfires:

  • • Clean out gutters, roofs and other areas where debris has settled
  • • Avoid burning on windy days and never leave a burn pile unattended
  • • Create an evacuation plan and practice the route with family members
    • Keep the space around your home, known as the home ignition zone, clear of dense vegetation
  • • Take action in your community by organizing a wildfire preparedness event

Preparedness is a shared responsibility and we all have a role. Visit to see what events are happening near you or to find out how to plan an event in your community.